Postman.net Privacy Statement

Information Collection

  • Postman.net logs all traffic to this server for security reasons and statistical analysis. This includes only generic transaction information, not content. In other words, I know what mail servers delivered e-mail to this server for specific accounts, but not the actual content of the e-mail.
  • Your mail will not be read by any administrator on this system unless requested by you or law enforcement officials with the proper paperwork. I do scan incoming e-mail that gets identified as low-scoring spam. This is done in order to verify that the filters aren't falsely identifying legitimate e-mail as spam. In the event e-mails of a personal or confidential nature are identified those pieces will be forwarded to your account. Any traces in the filter will be wiped for your privacy, and there will be no disclosure to any party of the contents.

Information sharing

  • Your privacy will be held inviolate. At no time will your information be sold or given to any third party, with the exception of legal requests from law enforcement agencies. Where legally enforceable, control of this domain will only be ceded if the new party agrees to uphold this existing privacy policy.
  • Let me reiterate: Postman.net does not share your information for any reason where I can legally refuse to do so.
  • Children:
    • Minors (as determined by the country of thier citizenship) are not allowed to create accounts on Postman.net. They may use accounts created for them by their legal guardians, and hence the legal guardian will know their "secret" word put in the comments field during account creation. Requests from the legal guardian for access and/or information on the account(s) will be honoured, as long as the "secret" and other confirmable pieces of identification are provided.


  • Postman.net may set and access cookies on your computer. This is only done which the WebMail interface in order to maintain your active session.

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