Service Offerings

Disclaimer: Postman.net is a non-commercial offering, run by a single individual in his personal time. As such, please keep your expectations realistic when requesting support. All requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with the only exception being requests by paid users, which will preempt free user requests.

All accounts will be subject to the terms listed in the Terms of Services, and come with no guarantees or warranties of any kind. If for any reason service cannot be continued for paid users, refunds pro-rated to cover the unused period will be given.

Try me! Click the Login link to the left and use a UserID of "demo" with a password of "demodemo" to test the Open Webmail system.

NOTE: I am no longer offering paid accounts. Never had more than four at any given time, and this donated hardware has been less than reliable. In short, use at your own risk!

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