Postman.net: The Technical Details

Postman.net is brought to you entirely by Open Source Software, a software development methodology which typically provides for greater reliability and security than most closed-source alternatives. All of the software used on this site is available freely, should you wish to use any of it on your own systems.

Below you will find a list of the packages which make up Postman.net, along with the links to the sites where you may obtain them. Please keep in mind that this list is not meant to be exhaustive, there will be pieces that are either a) coded by myself (glue-code, for the most part), b) utilities common to the UNIX environment (including those of UNIX-clones and derivatives), or c) prerequisites and optional dependencies of the following packages:

OS Linux
SMTP MTA Sendmail
Milter Mimedefang
Spam Filter SpamAssassin
Antivirus Clam Antivirus
HTTP Daemon Apache
Application Execution Environment Perl
Web Interface Open Webmail

Note: You'll note that the Linux link above links directly to the Linux kernel site, not to any particular distribution. The reason for this is that any distribution (in theory) should work equally well. For that matter, an UNIX(-clone) would work in lieu of Linux. That said, this particular box is running Nevaeh Linux. Haven't heard of it? Of course not. ;-) It's my own custom distribution (named after my daughter). I will eventually distribute it on-line, but it certainly isn't meant for mainstream consumption.

This site was created with the use of the following tools:

Text/HTML Editor Vim
Site Templating Tool Template Toolkit
Graphics Creator/Editor GIMP

Please note that this site's use of the above tools in no way does justice to the quality and flexibility of those tools. I'm a programmer/sys-admin, not a HTML-smith or graphics designer.

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